18. 1. 2024

The iDNES.cz fundraiser brought more than one million crowns

The Christmas collection organized by iDNES.cz news site achieved an incredible result, totalling 1,080,318 crowns! The compelling stories of students Adriana and Tereza resonated with and deeply touched our readers. We received generous financial donations and numerous messages of support and well-wishes that flooded the Foundation’s account.

Thanks to the overwhelming response to the collection, we can now extend our assistance to other students. “We carefully selected eight female students with inspiring personal stories and the determination to turn their dreams into reality. The donations allow us to provide continuous support throughout their studies, a truly impactful contribution. Each remarkable young woman is at a different stage of her academic life, with some poised to graduate this year and embark on an independent life after completing their studies. We are dedicated to providing them with targeted and sustained support,” explains Terezie Sverdlinová, the foundation’s director.

We express our gratitude to all those who participated in the fundraising; your involvement is a testament to your compassion for the fate of young individuals on the cusp of adulthood.

We firmly believe that the attention directed toward disadvantaged students, striving for a brighter life path than their parents had, will be repaid manifold by these incredible individuals. We take immense joy in celebrating each of their successes and extend our heartfelt wishes for the best of luck to them.