24. 1. 2024

How does Lighthouse help?

With the Lighthouse project, we strive to restore hope for a secure home for the children of mothers living in shelters. 

Unfortunately, when children are removed from their families, we often address the effects rather than the root causes. The most common reasons for children ending up in institutional care include parents’ inability to provide proper care, loss of housing, and poverty.

That’s why, in collaboration with the ING bank, we initiated the Lighthouse Project. Through this project, we offer at-risk parents:

– Financial literacy courses for mothers in shelters

– Targeted career counselling with coach Kateřina Šamanová

– Financial assistance from the Crisis Relief Fund to navigate challenging times while seeking housing or covering utility costs

“We have a long way to go with our children, but today we know we are starting again, and we are not alone,” says mom Marta. Together, we empower mothers from shelters to regain independence, recognizing that changing the difficult fate of children is inseparable from the fate of their mothers. 

Sincere thank you to the Business for Society platform for acknowledging the Lighthouse project as the TOP Responsible Project!

Photo credit: SKP HOPO – Horní Počernice Shelter House