The Lighthouse project recognized in the TOP Responsible Company competition

We congratulate our partner, ING Bank, for achieving second place in the TOP Responsible Company category. This award, given by […]

27. 11. 2023

Supporting students with Bioderma Atoderm Christmas Pack

As the holiday season approaches, here’s an effortless way to spread joy among your loved ones while contributing to a meaningful cause! […]

22. 11. 2023

We’re happy to launch our new initiative, the “Supporting Child-Family Relationships in Orphanages” methodology! 

Crafted by professionals in the fields of social care and children’s homes, this resource aims to nurture connections between children in […]

15. 11. 2023

ING Bank NTMd Fund grant procedure

At the beginning of October, the ING Bank Fund’s grant committee, consisting of ING Bank and Foundation employees, met to redistribute […]

30. 10. 2023

Attorneys for Children’s Homes

We extend our gratitude for yet another seminar from the Attorneys for Children’s Homes series, this time hosted at the Charles […]

30. 10. 2023

Thank you, Goopan, for your support of the project

We’ve been collaborating with the Czech company Maverick Delta s.r.o. since last year, and we’ve recently received our second donation, […]

30. 10. 2023

SVOBODA & WILLIAMS CUP 2023 raised 288,100 CZK to support samilies in need

On October 7th, the Řepy Sports Centre hosted another edition of the SVOBODA & WILLIAMS CUP, where our Foundation has […]

30. 10. 2023 helps single parents

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank the Grizly online store for their generous donation of […]

30. 10. 2023

Celebrating 30 Years of ING Bank in the Czech Market

Last week, we had the honour of being part of a very special celebration – ING Bank marked the occasion of […]

27. 9. 2023

Get Moving with TERIBEAR 2023 – together we raised 7,752,976 crowns!

Here is the finish line, thank you! Huge respect to everyone who took on a new challenge with us. It was […]

23. 9. 2023

TERIBEAR moved Mladá Boleslav!

What a wonderful result and a great community! After four years, we were back with friends – that’s how we felt at the […]

20. 9. 2023

Information regarding technical support of the TERIBEAR happening

Dear friends, We have completed the first day, and we are genuinely disheartened by the issues you’ve encountered with the […]

15. 9. 2023

Get Moving with TERIBEAR 2023 – registrations are now open!

Let’s get together to help! Our charity sports happening, now titled Get Moving with TERIBEAR or Prima Movement with the Bear, is […]

22. 8. 2023

Soundtrack Poděbrady: Photo exhibition Mothers on the Run

We are happy to be the charity partner of the Soundtrack Poděbrady festival and will present the Mothers on the […]

16. 8. 2023

TERIBEAR happening – September 2023

Dear TERIBEAR family, Get ready for an exciting event this September – it’s time for the ninth edition of TERIBEAR! […]

19. 7. 2023

Fashion for a good cause…

At the end of June, the third edition of Fashion Night Brno took place at Špilberk castle in the centre […]

14. 7. 2023

Attending a graduation ceremony!

The arrival of summer is marked by joy at the success of schoolchildren and students, whom we help to get […]

14. 7. 2023

Castle Guard fundraiser

Another annual fundraiser was held by the Prague Castle Guard and organized by Michal Pávek, a long-time volunteer of the Tereza Maxová […]

14. 7. 2023

1000 Czechoslovak Miles race supported students

We would like to thank the entire team of the 1000 Czechoslovak Miles race for their continuous support and generous […]

19. 6. 2023

Charity Collection “We Are Family” Empowering Families in Crisis!

The much-anticipated second edition of the #wearefamily charity collection is here. Last year, our founder Tereza Maxová collaborated with the […]

19. 6. 2023

Charity breakfast with ING Bank employees

What a heartwarming morning at the charity breakfast with ING Bank employees! We enjoyed delightful homemade treats while raising funds to […]

6. 6. 2023

Grizly and TERIBEAR help single mothers and fathers

Grizly and TERIBEAR have joined forces to help single mothers and fathers who are raising children on their own. Mama […]

23. 5. 2023

Legal help to children’s care facilities

Only someone who is close by knows your needs well. When we want to help children’s care homes in the Czech […]

16. 5. 2023

GOOPAN supports project

We warmly welcome Maverick Delta s.r.o., with whom we have been cooperating since last year, among the Foundation’s partners. The Czech […]

15. 5. 2023


Talented Terezka, a 12-year-old resident from the children’s care home in Most, had the incredible opportunity to sing with David Koller and […]

9. 5. 2023

Equal Pay Day supported the project “To dáš!”

We want to express our gratitude to the organizers of the 14th annual Equal Pay Day conference, held at the […]

9. 5. 2023

One year anniversary of the TERIBEAR book

It’s been a year since the book TERIBEAR: The Secret of the Blue Box, written by Alena Mornštajnová for the Tereza Maxová […]

9. 5. 2023

Accenture helps young people make the transition to independent living

Entering independent life includes seemingly simple tasks like writing a resume, responding to job ads, and handling job interviews, as well […]

9. 5. 2023

Comenius project: 7 years of educating children in institutional care

The Comenius project is now in its seventh year of promoting education and overall development among disadvantaged children and young […]

16. 3. 2023

Infant orphanages become a thing of the past

Infant orphanages become a thing of the past. Today, they are transforming into children’s centres, such as the one we visited in […]

13. 3. 2023


Emotional deprivation, early separation from the mother, frequent changes of caretakers – all of these experiences leave wounds in the […]

13. 3. 2023

Our help in 2022

Not numbers, but people’s stories: In 2022, we distributed around CZK 61,543 worth of aid daily. ✅ We contributed to foster […]

14. 2. 2023

HC DYNAMO will support children in the Pardubice region

Celebrating 100 years of hockey in Pardubice, the DYNAMO 100 gala recognized members of the champion teams and individual distinguished […]

14. 2. 2023

Minibus helps in Ukraine

People in Ukraine still need support, and our minibus is helping! Before Christmas, it delivered food, drinking water and medicine […]

9. 1. 2023

Best wishes for the year 2023…

Dear friends, we wish you a successful start to the new year. May it be full of love, joy and a sense […]

2. 1. 2023

Prague Hilton Hotels for children in need

Prague Hilton Hotels have supported the foundation for the last 12 years, and we are very grateful for this partnership. […]

21. 12. 2022

Proceeds from the SVOBODA & WILLIAMS CUP 2022 in the amount of CZK 528,900 will again support our foundation

It was a really great day and record-breaking proceeds! Our sincere thanks to SVOBODA & WILLIAMS for their support and help. […]

2. 12. 2022

PPL will support abused children

This year PPL became a Partner of the TERIBEAR Moves Prague 2022 charity happening. On this occasion, they organized a special event […]

16. 11. 2022

Birthday party proceeds will support students

We attended a beautiful birthday party for Mr. Ondřej Beránek, CEO of BOHEMIA SEKT, who decided to support the foundation on […]

23. 9. 2022

ING Bank charity breakfast will support university student

On Thursday, November 8th, we met with ING Bank employees for a charity breakfast. The proceeds will be donated to support […]

8. 11. 2022

TERIBEAR moved Prague: five million crowns will help children! Thank you!

The eighth year of  TERIBEAR Moves Prague, or Fun Day with the Bear: powered by ŠKODA AUTO, is over!  11,644 […]

20. 9. 2022

We will have TERIBEAR bandanas, but…

Dear friends, we’re very sorry to have to share some very unpleasant news with you. Although we have done our […]

9. 9. 2022

TERIBEAR moves Prague – registrations are now open!

Let’s get the good deeds moving again! Under the name TERIBEAR moves Prague or Fun Day with a Bear: powered by ŠKODA […]

29. 7. 2022

TERIBEAR Moves Prague returns!

Dear friends,we have great news,  TERIBEAR sports charity event is back! And we can promise that this time we will meet again […]

9. 6. 2022

Anniversary charity auction raised 100 hundred czech crowns

Unique items from the annual auction on the occasion of the postage stamp issue already have their owners! 💥 An […]

2. 6. 2022

Anniversary charity auction of the Tereza Maxová Foundation

Today, Wednesday 25th May, at 19:00, the charity auction starts on will start and will last until Wednesday 1st […]

25. 5. 2022

TERIBEAR audiobook is out!

The wait is over – the TERIBEAR audiobook is here! And we can finally reveal who recorded it for us. […]

17. 5. 2022

Prague Castle Guard fundraiser

It has become a nice tradition that our long-time volunteer Michal Pávek organizes a fundraiser among the members of the Prague Castle […]

30. 4. 2022

The ING Bank Fund grants appproved

The committee of the ING Bank Fund of the Tereza Maxová Foundation meets twice a year. And we are so happy […]

28. 4. 2022

PPL gives a helping hand

As part of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, PPL came up with the Balík pro tebe za 1 Kč event, which can […]

18. 3. 2022

25 years of help, 25 stamps, 25 children’s drawings

This year we are celebrating 25 years of helping abandoned and at-risk children in the Czech Republic. We commemorate this […]

11. 3. 2022

The fundraiser for Ukraine already making a difference

Specific help. Specific need. Specific donors. This has been our motto for 25 years. We helped our partner the ADRA […]

5. 3. 2022

Raising money for Ukrainian families

The Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation together with ADRA helps families affected by the conflict in Ukraine. At the moment, we are […]

28. 2. 2022

A look back at the Foundation’s work in Reporter Magazine

“When we we were starting out, the Czech Republic was criticised for being the number one country in terms of […]

22. 2. 2022

Fund for university students from institutional care

We always get a lot of joy out of meetings like today’s! We have supported Kristýna Mikulová throughout her studies at […]

17. 2. 2022

CTP Fund of the Tereza Maxová Foundation

154,000 crowns from the CTP Fund of the Tereza Maxová Foundation went to help the education and personal development of […]

8. 2. 2022

Our help in 2021

In 2021 we helped with a total of 20 059 429 CZK – that’s almost 55 000 CZK every day!! All this is only possible […]

7. 2. 2022

The foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary

Dear friends, in 2022 we are entering the 25th year of our existence. Not only our foundation but also the […]

28. 1. 2022

TEREZA the book

TEREZA, a unique book by Tereza Maxová and journalist Veronika Bednářová, was officially released in December 2021. Tereza Maxová and journalist […]

19. 1. 2022

TERIBEAR Secret of the Blue Box

A story that helps. A book that warms the heart. We are very happy to have been able to work with […]

19. 1. 2022

We thank PPL CZ for helping mothers and children from shelter homes

All children deserve a beautiful Christmas. That is why we thank PPL CZ very much, which made mothers and children happy […]

11. 1. 2022

All the best for the new year

Dear friends, we would like to wish you a successful new year, good health, love, happiness. Thank you for standing by […]

4. 1. 2022