2. 1. 2024

NAOS supported university students

We sincerely thank NAOS for their generous donation of 250,000 CZK, derived from the proceeds of Bioderma Atoderm Christmas packages.

50 CZK from each sold Bioderma Atoderm package was donated to our foundation, specifically benefiting the fund that supports university students emerging from children’s care homes or foster care.

The foundation’s enduring mission is to foster the highest possible education and provide enhanced opportunities for young individuals from orphanages, guiding them toward a secure, independent life. This initiative aims to compensate for the missed attention and opportunities they might have experienced if raised in a functional family. Consequently, the Students’ Fund annually supports young people who have grown up in children’s homes or foster care.

The fund not only covers tuition fees but also addresses the needs for on-campus accommodation and various educational aids essential for studies. 

Reflecting on our journey over the past 15 years, it’s heartening to note that when we commenced, only 0.3% of all children from orphanages had achieved a university degree. Today, that figure has risen to almost 3%, underscoring the positive impact of our collective efforts.