The basic mission of the Tereza Maxová Foundation is to enable every child to grow up in a family.

Although it may seem like a simple goal, approximately 24,000 children in the Czech Republic grow up outside their original family, mostly in foster care. Thanks to this fact, the Czech Republic ranks worst in Europe in terms of the number of children growing up outside their families. With about 8,000 of them placed in institutional care, the Czech Republic once again leads in Europe (per capita), leaving behind, for example, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and other countries.

To help change this unfavorable situation, the Tereza Maxová Foundation focuses on the following three pillars of support:

1. We help to keep the child in a safe family environment

This area focuses on families in crisis who are at risk of having their children placed in institutional care. We mainly provide them with fieldwork support, professional counselling, and therapy.

2. We promote and support foster parenting

We help to raise awareness and inform the general public about all options of substitute family care. We support foster and adoptive families, especially through non-profit organizations.

3. We compensate for shortcomings of institutional care upbringing

Helping children growing up in children’s centres (formerly known as infant care homes) and other institutional care facilities outside of the family environment, we support education, therapy, harmonious and healthy development of children and activities preparing them for future independent life after leaving the institutional care.

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to vulnerable and abandoned children to give them a chance to grow up in a healthy and safe family environment.  
Because all children deserve love, attention and a place to call home.

The Foundation aims to reduce the number of children growing up in institutional care in the Czech Republic through financial support for all activities that contribute to the effective fulfilment of the Foundation’s goals and follow its statute and the foundation charter.