Individual donation

The most common form of direct aid is a financial donation. Thanks to him, the foundation can fulfill its mission and bring concrete help where it is most needed.

Donations can be made as a one off or regular contribution. A frequently sought-after method of regular support is the determination of a monthly contribution, which is sent to the foundation’s main account at certain time intervals (eg. once a month) (2323232323/2700, UniCredit Bank).

A regular or one-time donor is always entitled to proof of receipt of the gift. The Foundation will be happy to issue it promptly after the amount in question is transferred to the Foundation’s account and at the same time as soon as the donor provides basic information about its issuance to the e-mail address:

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Corporate giving

In the field of corporate giving, the Tereza Maxová Foundation strives to meet the following priorities for children:

  • enter into an open, honest discussion with the donor on the intentions of the support,
  • set up a targeted assistance strategy,
  • ensure maximum efficiency and transparency of reallocated funds,
  • provide feedback to the donor on how specifically his funds have been handled.

The foundation acts as the administrator of the entrusted financial gift, not as the owner. That’s why she cares a lot about

If you are interested in long-term strategic support of one or more key areas of the foundation’s activities, we offer donors the establishment of the so-called special corporate fund. The advantage of corporate funds is their targeting, exclusivity and individual settings taking into account the nature of cooperation.

If the donor wants to invest in one selected activity, then the foundation submits an offer of specific projects to the interested party. These are implemented by proven partner non-profit organizations. The foundation thus becomes a guarantor of quality and tailor-made cooperation.