We cannot give anything more precious than our time and energy. If you choose to get involved in helping a good cause, let us provide you with contacts of proven professional non-profit organizations that offer volunteers specific opportunities to help.

Hestia, o.s.
National Volunteer Centre
Methodological and Educational Centre

Na Poříčí 12 (palác YMCA), 110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

(+420) 224 872 075-7


Czech Donors Forum
spolek/ Czech Donors Forum

Na Václavce 1135/9, 150 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

(+420) 224 216 544


Zapojím se

V Tůních 11, 120 00, Praha 2
Czech Republic

+420) 735 755 338, 734 319 977


Volunteering at the Tereza Maxová Foundation

Due to the nature of the work and the clearly specified activities of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, the volunteer work offered is always specifically arranged for certain, mainly administrative or professional tasks. If you are interested in this type of support, please write us an e-mail:info@terezamaxovadetem.cz. However, we would like to point out in advance that the possibility of volunteering in our foundation is limited due to the above mentioned. Thank you in advance for your understanding and your possible interest.