15. 11. 2023

We’re happy to launch our new initiative, the “Supporting Child-Family Relationships in Orphanages” methodology! 

Crafted by professionals in the fields of social care and children’s homes, this resource aims to nurture connections between children in orphanages and their families. It offers practical tools designed for orphanages and regional offices and is available for free download.

Recognizing the pivotal role of a child’s sense of belonging, our methodology provides practical and systematic support for understanding family dynamics, and parental decisions and fostering healthy self-esteem. 

We have plans for follow-up activities to integrate these resources into daily practices and invite care home staff, child social protection authorities, and NGOs, to join us in accredited training sessions. 

A huge thank you to all experts from the non-profit sector and children’s homes whose invaluable contributions have shaped this methodology. We hope that this resource will not only serve as a guide but also offer understanding and support for children who have experienced the loss of home.