30. 10. 2023

ING Bank NTMd Fund grant procedure

At the beginning of October, the ING Bank Fund’s grant committee, consisting of ING Bank and Foundation employees, met to redistribute funds to deserving children growing up in institutional care or in foster care.

The fund can support project or individual applications to support children’s education, all-round development, leisure or sports activities in the current school year.

The grant committee voted to support and redistribute a total of CZK 626,700 among 42 applications:

  • 22 applications from foster families
  • 20 project applications from non-profit organizations or institutional care facilities

Thecoplete table with the overview of the support is available at this link.

Please note that the next grant procedure is scheduled for October 3, 2024, with the deadline for applications until August 23, 2023.

Thank you to ING Bank for their long-term support spanning 20 years!