15. 4. 2024

The longest – running information portal for surrogate mothers and fathers now has a new look

We’ve gathered everything you need to navigate the process with confidence.

For more than 20 years we have been running the project together with the Foster Care Centre. In past two years, we have also implemented it thanks to the support of the Czech company Maverick Delta s.r.o., which builds low-energy GOOPAN houses. „Our goal is not only to build houses but to contribute to the fact that everyone has the opportunity to start a dream family and every child can grow up in a home full of love. This is what inspired us to support the Adopce.com project under the auspices of the Tereza Maxová Foundation. It is a way for us to give our work a deeper meaning, “says Radek Říha, the company’s director.

Recently, we received another cheque, again for 120 thousand crowns. This donation will help develop an information project that is intended not only for potential adoptive parents or those interested in foster care but also for those who have already adopted a child into their family. ‘We feel very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this change and thank you for your cooperation in involving us in such an important story,“ says Radek Říha.

Download the detailed Guide to Foster Care and other information materials on website of the project https://www.adopce.com/en/, ask the experts a question in the anonymous advice line or contact the helpline directly at +420 725 756 505.