18. 3. 2024

Iva is a certified nurse with the help of the CTP Fund

Iva had the backing to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse, but it was challenging for her parents with a large foster family to support her through nursing school.

We’re delighted to have been able to financially assist Iva through our CTP Fund for disadvantaged young people. She has now started working with a paediatrician – working with children has always been her heartfelt wish.

Iva sent us a kind thank you letter: “The foundation not only aided me but also helped my siblings. I come from a large family; I have 3 siblings, and my parents are foster parents who care for four younger children. Since I commuted to school every day, I couldn’t balance it with a part-time job to fully concentrate on studying. Thanks to the financial support, I could focus on my studies. Now I am a certified nurse; I finished school with straight A’s. I was pleasantly surprised by the foundation’s commendation for my excellent academic results. Thank you once again, and I wish all supporters and supported individuals much happiness.

The CTP Fund aids children, pupils and students aged 3 to 18 (26 in the case of university education) to maximize their potential, improve study conditions, and strengthen motivation for education. It supports all related educational activities and costs, including material equipment.