15. 9. 2023

Information regarding technical support of the TERIBEAR happening

Dear friends,

We have completed the first day, and we are genuinely disheartened by the issues you’ve encountered with the suggestions we provided.

Even though we thoroughly tested viRACE before the event, and there were no signs of any technical problems, unfortunately, they have arisen. We are at a loss for words to express how deeply sorry we are. However, it appears that the issues primarily affect those who are directly tracking their kilometers in viRACE. For those of you who have integrated viRACE with STRAVA, POLAR, or FIT BIT, everything should function correctly.

Therefore, we would like to suggest that if you also have STRAVA, please attempt to pair it, and the mileage tracking should work seamlessly.

For those of you who are tracking your progress exclusively through viRACE and prefer not to use another app, we kindly request your patience and ask you to postpone collecting your kilometers. viRACE is actively working on resolving these issues, and we will promptly inform you as soon as the problems are fixed.

Once again, we extend our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this year’s technical difficulties with our new partner have caused. We deeply appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your understanding