9. 9. 2022

We will have TERIBEAR bandanas, but…

Dear friends,

we’re very sorry to have to share some very unpleasant news with you. Although we have done our best, unfortunately the traditional bandanas will not arrive in time for the start of our happening. Due to the current difficult situation in the air trade and circumstances beyond our control, they are stranded en route to us.

We want to assure you: the bandanas will come! You will not miss your gift this year. Just like you, we can’t wait for them to arrive. Right now, we’re working on alternate ways to make distribution as convenient as possible for you. We’ll keep you posted on everything and will email participants with instructions in due course.

Believe us, we are extremely sorry about the whole situation, and although it was not our fault, we apologize from the bottom of our hearts. We’ll be in touch soon to let you know when and how you will receive your bandanas.

Thank you for your understanding.