28. 2. 2022

Raising money for Ukrainian families

The Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation together with ADRA helps families affected by the conflict in Ukraine. At the moment, we are organising a material collection in cooperation with our foundation partners to help families in transit refugee camps in Moldova and western Ukraine.

If you would like to join us, we would be grateful for any help!

The account number of the public collection is 123 123 123/2700, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia.

(the collection is registered with the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs under No. S-MHMP/1501799/2012).

Comprehensive information on the current situation in Ukraine can be found here:www.pomahejukrajine.cz or on the website www.adra.cz

How the collection currently helps can be found HERE

With great gratitude for your support and solidarity.

Tereza Maxová Foundation team