2. 12. 2022

Proceeds from the SVOBODA & WILLIAMS CUP 2022 in the amount of CZK 528,900 will again support our foundation

It was a really great day and record-breaking proceeds! Our sincere thanks to SVOBODA & WILLIAMS for their support and help. A big thank you also to all the teams of major companies from the world of real estate and banking for their contributions to the record charity proceeds of the Svoboda & Williams Futsal Cup 2022: 528,900 CZK.

This year’s proceeds enable us to help abused or otherwise traumatised children in partnership with the Children’s Crisis Centre and Vigvam Counselling Centre. We are very grateful for this opportunity,” says Terezie Sverdlinová, Director of the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children.

Helping the most vulnerable victims. Every child deserves attention.