How does the Fund help?

  • Education – the aim is to provide education to children in orphanages and children in foster care by supporting higher education, after-school activities and educational supplies
  • Talent development – this involves support for leisure clubs, sports and similar leisure activities

Rules of the ING Bank Fund of the Tereza Maxová Foundation

  • The Fund exclusively supports children growing up in institutional care or foster care.
  • The Fund exclusively supports programs within the Czech Republic.
  • The Fund does not support capital construction or material equipment (not directly related to education or talent development).
  • The Fund does not support biological families and biological children in foster care.
  • The maximum amount of the annual contribution for a foster family: 25,000 CZK, while the limit of 5,000 CZK per 1 child in foster family care must be respected.
  • The maximum annual contribution for project-based applications by organizations: CZK 60,000, subject to a limit of CZK 40,000 per application.
  • Each applicant may submit 1 application for the grant round.
  • Only organizations that have been active for at least 2 years can apply.

What can the Fund support?

The Fund can support project plans or individual applications to support education, all-around development of children, leisure or sports activities.

Who the Fund has helped can be found HERE

Representatives of ING Bank and the Tereza Maxová Foundation personally visit the supported groups to learn about specific projects. During these visits, they find out how the funds have been used and what specific needs have been met. They also often discuss possibilities for further cooperation. The ING Bank Fund of Tereza Maxová Foundation also provides non-material assistance in the form of voluntary help from ING Bank or Tereza Maxová Foundation employees.

The Fund history

From the beginning, countless projects and individual applications have been supported for the most disadvantaged among us. ING Group has long supported children in need in all countries where it operates. In the Czech Republic, the company chose our Foundation as a partner.

A special grant committee, composed of the Foundation team and also ING Bank representatives, was created to further deepen the collaboration and the hands-on involvement. Together, they decide on targeted and specific help and the distribution of funds. In addition to participating in the grant committee, the Fund has always been supported by ING Bank’s management but also by the employees and partners through countless volunteer activities.

Where to go for help?

For information or help inquiry please contact:
Tereza Maxová Foundation
Jindra Machačová
Tel: 724 464 281

The Tereza Maxová Foundation would like to thank ING Bank for its kind support and partnership.

Thank you for your interest. It can make a difference.