23. 5. 2023

Grizly and TERIBEAR help single mothers and fathers

Grizly and TERIBEAR have joined forces to help single mothers and fathers who are raising children on their own. Mama Bear cream is perfect, thanks to its high concentration of hazelnuts, delicately blended with white chocolate and enhanced by a touch of pink color obtained from lyophilized strawberry powder. With every sale of Mama Bear hazelnut cream, Grizly will donate 25% to the Single Parent Fund of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, dedicated to helping children.

The aim of this collaboration is to support single parents who, due to various reasons, find themselves in difficult life situations but still strive to provide the happiest and safest home for their children.

How exactly do the funds from the Foundation help? They provide essential home equipment such as cribs for children, desks, dining tables, wardrobes, and more. They also assist with housing deposits, rental payments, and outstanding utility bills.

The Tereza Maxová Foundation carefully evaluates and grants support to families only when it is truly necessary and when the family is functioning. Each application received is thoroughly reviewed to ensure the aid is allocated to those who genuinely need it.

You can buy Mama Bear cream HERE

We kindly thank Grizly for their support!