Young people leaving institutional care fall into the social group most endangered by negative social phenomena. Entering adulthood, their starting position is at a considerable disadvantage compared to that of their peers due to limited positive life experiences, reduced ability to express or assert themselves, lack of self-confidence, etc. These children often have only a vague and distorted idea of life “out there”. In their education and career choices, they lack the natural role models that young people growing up in more normative homes find in their social circle. They often lack the motivation and perseverance needed to achieve their dreams. It is perhaps for these reasons that only 3% of children in residential care graduate high school and a meagre 1.3% go on to university.


The Foundation’s long-term goal is to promote the highest possible educational attainment and better opportunities for young people in growing up in institutional care, to guide them towards stable independent living, and to make up for the lack of attention and opportunities they would otherwise have had if they had grown up in a functional family. That is why the Fund for college students annually supports young people who have grown up in orphanages (or in substitute family care) and covers their study-related costs such as tuition fees, accommodation, travel, educational aids, etc.

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