“Education is one of the building blocks of people’s lives. As a foundation, we want to make sure that disadvantaged children have fair opportunities and chances to study. That is why we will be always happy to support them. “

Tereza Maxová, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of TMF

The goal of the Tereza Maxová Foundation’s CTP Fund is to support the education and personal development of socially disadvantaged children growing up in biological or foster families in the Czech Republic.

The CTP Fund aids children, pupils and students aged 3 to 18 (26 in the case of university education).

The CTP Fund funding improves study conditions, strengthens motivation for education and develops potential. It supports all related educational activities and costs, including material equipment.

How does the CTP Fund help?

  • The essence of the Fund’s activities lies in tailored assistance to disadvantaged families and directly supporting their children in pursuing education.
  • Otherwise healthy family environment, suitable for raising children, is a necessary condition for receiving help.

Fund rules

General definition
  • According to the statute of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, the CTP Fund falls under grant programs 1 and 2, ie. support for children growing up in vulnerable biological and foster families.
  • The CTP Fund accepts applications throughout the year and seeks to respond flexibly to the educational needs and personal development needs of children.
  • The conditions for granting the contribution are based on the grant rules of the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children.
  • The funding is granted by a committee composed of representatives of the CTP and the Tereza Maxová Foundation.
Who can apply
  • Families (complete families, single parents and foster families) whose child is entitled to child benefits from the state.
  • The application is submitted by the legal representative of the child.
Other conditions
  • The CTP Fund accepts the applications throughout the year and the funding is approved once a month. The assistance regime is to provide the necessary assistance to the child as soon as possible and as effectively as possible.
  • The conditions for approving the grant are based on the grant rules of the Tereza Maxová Foundation the Fund proceeds with assessing the application, grant agreement, and subsequent evaluation.
  • A specific family can only apply once.

What can CTP Fund support?

The contribution can be used to finance:

  • tutoring
  • material needs directly connected to education
  • educational and other development activities
  • vocational training courses
  • dormitory accommodation
  • school commuting costs
  • tuition fees (The tuition cost applications have to be submitted by a specific deadline which is June 30th for the first semester of the specific academic year starting in September, or December 30th for support for the second semester of the current academic year.)
  • psychological support, mentoring
  • school trips
  • other activities related to the development of the child’s potential

The CTP Fund does not support school meals.

The maximum amount of the contribution is CZK 50,000 / school year, of which a maximum of CZK 10,000 to support leisure activities.

It is not possible to apply for a contribution retrospectively, costs already paid cannot be the subject of an application.
Grant Commission

Carolien M.G. Vos Fokkema, CTP
Radka Musilová, CTP
Terezie Sverdlinová, Tereza Maxová Foundation
Jiřina Nachtmannová, Tereza Maxová Foundation
Petra Visscher, Tereza Maxová Foundation

Honorary Chairs of the Fund

Tereza Maxová, founder of the foundation, chairwoman of the board
Remon Vos, CEO of CTP

The Tereza Maxová Foundation would like to thank the CTP for support and assistance.

Thank you for your interest. It can change a lot.