The aim of the Crisis Relief Fund is to offer a helping hand and effective assistance to families who are at risk of having their children placed in institutional care. We try to prevent the undesirable removal of children from their homes because we believe that family crises and poor social standing do not have to be a reason to separate families.

How does the Crisis Relief Fund help?

  • The essence of the Fund’s activities lies in the prevention of unwanted removal of children from the family environment, as well as in tailored assistance to families who have found themselves in a difficult social or other crisis situation.
  • The potential of an otherwise healthy family environment for raising children is a necessary condition for receiving the funding.

Crisis Relief Fund Rules

General definition

According to the statute of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, the Fund falls under the grant program GP1 and GP2 – ie. prevention of unwanted removal of a child from a biological family and support of substitute family care.

Target group

Families (complete families, single people and foster families) in a crisis situation who are at risk of having their child placed in institutional care.

Who can apply

The application is submitted by the worker of OSPOD (Bureau of protection of children) assigned to the family.

The role of the OSPOD is crucial, without their participation the funding cannot be granted. OSPOD assesses the family situation and the risk of undesired removal of children. Our application is assessed and the help for the family is coordinated with the OSPOD worker.

Other conditions
  • The Fund accepts applications throughout the year and strives to respond flexibly to the needs of the applicants. The assistance is designed to provide relief as soon as possible and as effectively as possible.
  • The conditions for funding are based on the grant rules of the Tereza Maxová Foundation and the Fund proceeds with assessing the application, grant agreement, and subsequent evaluation.
  • A specific family can only apply once.

What can CRISIS RELIEF FUND support

The financial aid can be used to pay rent, rent collateral or cover overdue energy bills.
The maximum amount of the contribution is CZK 30,000.

Where to go for help?

For information or help inquiry please contact:
Tereza Maxová Foundation
Mgr. Michaela Tapšíkova, DiS.
Tel: +420 734 395 815

Thank you that you care. You can make a difference.