16. 3. 2023

Comenius project: 7 years of educating children in institutional care

The Comenius project is now in its seventh year of promoting education and overall development among disadvantaged children and young people growing up in residential care. Over the past years, we have supported about a thousand children! Sincere thanks to our partner, CTP!

In Olomouc, we help to cover the costs of tutoring. “We have a great experience with tutoring. Because the children decide when to ask for it, and their approach is responsibly and motivated,” says Dalibor Křepský, director of the Children’s Home in Olomouc. “The results speak clearly; we have several new high school students and at least one university student every year. Another positive is that those who start school have always completed it!”

Aiming at the school-attending age bracket, Comenius will provide support in the amount of CZK of 5,023,995 to 462 pupils and students between the ages of 6 and 26 this year.

It will enable tutoring, psychotherapy, participation in school-organised events (ski courses, outdoor schools, other sports/hiking courses), the purchase of practice training equipment, as well as speech therapy.