2. 6. 2022

Anniversary charity auction raised 100 hundred czech crowns

Unique items from the annual auction on the occasion of the postage stamp issue already have their owners!

💥 An original screen print of a selected stamp and a complete sheet with the signature of our patroness Tereza were auctioned for a total of CZK 101,500. 💯 Thank you very much! 💖

💥 Proceeds will support college students from children’s homes and foster care. We use a special fund to help them pay for tuition, educational aids, dormitory accommodation and other costs necessary for their studies.

💥 “I knew from the beginning that I had to somehow involve the children. I thought about combining a photo of Tereza with a child’s drawing. The children were given a simple template where they could draw and finish the photo as they wanted,” says the author of the stamp design, designer Zuzana Lednická from Studio Najbrt.So many different approaches and so much creativity! Out of about 100 drawings collected from various children’s care homes, I selected the most suitable ones for printing with three vibrant colours. I had no idea how it would turn out and was surprised and delighted with the result.”

We would like to also thank the Czech Post and the auction server Aukro for their cooperation.