16. 5. 2023

Legal help to children’s care facilities

Only someone who is close by knows your needs well. When we want to help children’s care homes in the Czech Republic, we rely on the insights of those who work in them. Of the homes we contacted, 89% welcomed an opportunity for free legal help. Furthermore, 80% expressed a desire to have regular meetings to discuss employment, family and criminal law issues, as well as debt advice.

We are excited about our new collaboration with the ČAK – Czech Bar Association, which will enable us to provide legal aid and education directly to children’s care facilities. This initiative adds another important piece to the puzzle of our project, “To dáš!” (You can do it!). Our aim is to assist young people from children’s homes in finding employment while helping employers understand the specific situations of these applicants. As part of the ČAK initiative, regular training sessions will be offered to carers and lecturers in children’s care homes. All these efforts are aimed at better preparing children for their lives ahead. Thank you!

The updated Legal Minimum Handbook has been prepared by our project partner “To dáš!” – Bříza & Trubač law firm.

You can download the handbook for free using the following LINK